Traditional influencer marketing agencies' models are outdated

Use of inaccurate, scraped data sets poorly identify influencers to contract and measure meaningful campaign results is the root of the problem.

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Sylo's influencer marketing approach combined with high frequency, always-on verified data collection solves the problem.

Certified Influencer
Marketplace Identifies Top
Performing Influencers

We help clients achieve results by partnering with highly authentic content creators whose audience and content performance has been scientifically validated. This expedites partnering with the very best influencers to drive your ultimate goal.

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Increase Media Efficiency

Using a custom developed performance indicator algorithm, we allocate paid media spend towards top-preforming content.

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Predictive Analytics &
Real-Time Optimization

Processing real-time data we manage paid media that is engineered to achieve your campaign KPI’s. Sylo monitors your goals and delivers optimization insights that propel campaign performance and efficiently deliver the best ROAS.

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Verified Metrics Accurately
Measure Campaign Impact

The next time you speak with your influencer agency inquire how they’re reporting impressions and reach. If they don’t say, API plus authentication you’re looking at bad data. We collect only verified data on influencers accounts to monitor all activity and benchmark each specific performance to help our customer increase efficiency.

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