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Our Approach

Localized Influencer Marketplace Identifies Top Performers

We help brand marketers achieve results by building localized communities of authentic content creators whose audience and performance is monitored 24/7.

Pay For Media Efficiency

Set pre-campaign effective CPM, click-through-rate KPI’s and only pay when they are achieved.

Predictive Analytics & Real-Time Optimization

Processing real-time influencer audience and performance data delivers new insights that help you tell better stories your target consumers will want to engage with.

Block Influencer Fraud

We have a proprietary fraud monitoring technology that was developed over six years that enables brand marketers to avoid influencers that are purchasing their numbers.

Sylo Fact Check

Using Influencer Follower Count Does Not Work

According to research conducted by Sylo on thousands of influencers Instagram accounts, found that 90% reach less than 10% of their followers; while more than 50% reach less than 25% of their audience. Pay for the effective impressions and reach, not follower count.

Avoid Fake Famous Influencers

Sylo launched a research study to understand the percentage of influencers in an active campaign that purchased followers, or bot engagement. It found that one third of influencers observed had purchased audience and/or engagement to inflate their sponsored content numbers. Avoiding influencers that have, are purchasing saves money.”

  • Creators got more post engagements quickly
  • Follower growth increased exponentially
  • New posting increased by 23% in a month

Influencer Audiences Are Local

Influencer audiences by nature are concentrated in 2-4 geographical areas, however, buying campaigns are national. Building micro-influencer communities in a brands key markets enables targeted scale that can be more easily coordinated with other digital media activity to best connect the dots on how influencers are generating brand awareness and establish top of the sales’ funnel leads.

  • Motivational
  • Recommendations/Suggestive
  • Cars
  • Beauty
  • Collaboration


Lorna Springall

Lorna Springall

Head of Social Media, Augustinus Bader

"The ease at which they guided us through the approval process demonstrated how on top of the business they are. They did all the heavy lifting."

David Beebe

David Beebe

Founder of Marriott Content Studio, Marriott International

"With the plethora of analytics out there, Sylo's verified influencer data is the best strategy for understanding performance and justifying campaign investments.”

Kieley Taylor

Kieley Taylor

Global Head of Partnerships & Managing Partner, GroupM

"Sylo's influencer data verification will continue to be essential for providing brand marketers with better transparency and more effective campaign outcomes"

Arielle Isackson

Arielle Isackson

Director of Digital Marketing, Augustinus Bader

"They came in with a strategy, goals, and process that is different from what we have seen and experienced with other agencies."

Obioma Enyia

Obioma Enyia

Brand Marketing & Media Strategy at Pepsico

"Partnering with Sylo has allowed us to gain deep audience insights that allow us to tell better stories and develop trusted partnerships with influencers who our audiences love.”

Jared Smith

A travel & fitness influencer with 85K followers! With more than 75 comments on an average per post, Jared has an engagement rate of 5%, which is high. Plus, all the followers are organic and the engagement is from genuine people who are interested in what he has to say! Thus, if you connect with him as a brand you can catch up to a wider audience.

Tom Phillips

A lifestyle influencer with a reach of 50% of his audience with almost every post. Being a Sylo-certified user, he can share the complete authenticated data with brands like Roku who has connected with him. Tom has established himself as a reliable influencer to be partnered with a brand.

Angel Elo

A businesswoman and a smart mom with an Instagram account on motherhood and business - the two things she can do best. Angel made her account Sylo-certified to monetize her profile and secured amazing brand-deals with high-profile names like Gathre, Briar Baby, and Shark.

Johnny Youssef

A realtor, designer, renovator, and investor with a Sylo-certified account. Johnny and his partners saw growth in ROI on their campaigns and also, were able to partner with high-end design companies and hardware stores like Murals Your Way, West Lake Ace Hardware, BIC, and Crystorama. They benefitted from the authentic exposure and credibility that Johnny brought.

Who are we?

We are disruptors and innovators, who believe that influencer marketing can be more fair and transparent for brand marketers. When campaigns under perform, agencies, platforms and creators still receive their fees while brands get the short end of the stick, sort of speak. At Sylo, we’re putting our money where our mouth is, if a campaign achieves its KPI’s, then we’ve earned our keep. Our hybrid performance-based model ensures that we win, when our clients goals are met.

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