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Influencer Marketing Intelligence Beyond the Status Quo
We’re Sylo. We are not an Influencer Network. We are third-party verification. We are leading the conversation. We improve ad-spend returns.
You Deserve Better Measurement
You deserve trusted, third-party data to provide honest analytics for your influencer campaigns.
We Don’t Do Matching
Sylo is completely removed from promoting influencers, as our analytics are based on data directly from the social platform APIs. We provide the unbiased measurement you need when considering influencers pre-campaign, optimizing content performance during, and reviewing end of campaign performance.
Spend 25% less
per account reached with Sylo Certified creators.
Avoid the ~20% tax
of using Influencers who purchase followers/engagements.
Conflict of Interest
Since we don’t have a horse in the race, our measurement (and judgement) is never clouded.
Inherent Risk
We Don’t Scrape
Readily available influencer reports are based on scraped data collected without influencer permission. This estimated data is often incomplete and inaccurate. These cheaply available metrics do not effectively reduce ad-spend waste or assist in identifying KPI’s that drive ROI.
  • Likes⁰
  • Comments
  • Impressions¹
  • Reach¹
  • Views¹
  • Website Clicks¹
  • Stories¹
  • Taps Forward¹
  • Taps Backwards¹
  • Exits¹
  • Audience Demo & Geo
  • GDPR Compliant
  • CCPA Compliant
  • Adheres to T&Cs
Sylo Data Collection
  • ⁰ Instagram no longer publicly displays likes.
  • ¹ Requires Instagram Business Connection (Available only with creator authentication through Instagram’s API)
Sylo + Data Transparency
We Assess Influencer Investment Worthiness
Unbiased data is essential to influencer marketing. Without third-party verification and information transparency, key business decisions for brand marketers will remain a challenge.
Honest Data from The Source

The majority of influencer networks and tools take advantage of offering metrics using scraped data without consent from the influencer. This scraped data provides ‘cheap’ data access, unverifiable ‘inauthentic audience’ percentages and estimated insights. At Sylo, every influencer authenticates their social channels, giving us access directly through the social platforms.

Certify Influencers & Avoid Risk

Sylo Certification represents the risks and investment worthiness of an influencer’s channel. This accreditation is used in tandem with channel benchmarks provided in the Sylo Snapshot to assess their potential return on investment.

Reduce Ad-Spend Waste

Unfortunately, follower counts are still one of the most widely used factors to determine influencer advertising rates. Analysis of audience authenticity and verified engagement through authenticated metrics is the only proven means to avoid wasting ad-spend and improving ROI.

Sylo + Nielsen
Influence Measured
Leveraging Nielsen’s proprietary retail sales and shopper marketing data, the journey to causality of influencer marketing campaigns and their ROI begins with Sylo.
Our Solutions
Quit the Guessing-Game

Make it easy to justify campaign budgets and negotiate fair rates based on independent, third-party metrics, which deliver precise ROI attribution and performance measurement.

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