The Influencer Marketing Standard for Data Verification & Analytics

Sylo partners with brands, agencies, and influencers to provide the only independent data verification, fraud detection, and performance analytics solution. We certify the value of quality influencers, and enable marketers to avoid purchased and unengaged audiences to increase ROI.

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Real-time Influencer Marketing Intelligence

Sylo provides access to the most accurate and comprehensive dataset in the industry, allowing marketers to optimize every step of their influencer programs and maximize ROI.

Reduce Risk, Avoid Waste & Increase ROI With Sylo

Independent, authenticated data delivers precise influencer audience and performance metrics, and removes the guesswork from influencer partner selections and campaign measurement.

Influencer Vetting & Certification

With the highest quality dataset in the industry, Sylo allows you to reduce your risk of waste at every step of your vetting process to effectively increase your ROI. Verify the quality of your influencers’ reach, ensure pricing is commensurate with performance, and protect your investment with the most sophisticated fraud detection available.

Influencer Campaign Measurement & Optimization

Set informed KPI’s, measure brand lift, and evaluate return on investment with accurate influencer performance benchmarks. Determine the efficiency of spend and optimize future budget allocations to increase results.
Data Quality Matters

Why Authenticated Data Is Better For You

Authentication is the only means of collecting accurate, complete influencer data. Platforms that scrape data are only able to access surface level information, and supply their users with metrics that are inaccurate by over 125%. Put simply, scraping does not provide the data quality necessary to effectively vet and measure influencer performance, and will lead to 50-60% waste in your influencer campaigns.

We Are A Dedicated Team of Influencer Marketing Experts

For over four years Sylo has been leading the effort to bring the influencer marketing industry out of the “experimental” phase, and establish it as a legitimate and necessary part of any marketing mix. We have over 25 years of combined experience dedicated to ensuring the success and longevity of the industry.
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Sylo + Nielsen

The Next Step In Measuring Influencer ROI

Current studies and analytical tools lag behind campaign execution, and leave you guessing about the impact of your programs. Sylo and Nielson have come together to bridge the gap between your campaigns and brand sales, allowing you to optimize current and future influencer activations, and measure ROI like never before.

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